10 Best Stoner Cartoons Ever to Binge Watch this Weekend!

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Top 10 Best Stoner Cartoons Ever

Let’s face it…most stoners love cartoons. There’s something about an animated story lines that captivate the imagination and keeps us coming back for more. Today, we’ll be covering the 10 best stoner cartoons ever!

Just to clarify, these cartoons don’t necessarily need to have weed in it to be considered a “stoner cartoon”, but rather stoners tend to flock to these animations either because of animation style, story-line and so forth.

Furthermore, these aren’t in any particular order.


Rick and Morty

10 Best Stoner Cartoons Ever!

Rick and Morty took the world by storm and with Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon [the creators] at the helm, it’s no surprise that this quickly became a Stoner Favorite. Rick and Morty deals with the adventures of…well Rick and Morty.

A brilliant scientist and his dimwitted grandson go about adventure through the multiverse, causing havoc, dealing with controversial topics and pushing science fiction to a whole new level.



South Park

10 Best Stoner Cartoons Ever!

Another Stoner Classic must be South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been offending our eardrums for 21 years. The story deals about the little town of South Park and follows four kids through all their shenanigans.

The cheap animated style allows the creators to go beyond offensive with their story lines. If you like controversial…then you’ll love South Park.



Robot Chicken

While this cannot be technically classified as a cartoon, it’s still a jewel within the stoner community. Created by Seth Green, Matthew Senreich and Breckin Meyer, this cult classic takes our favorite childhood toys and turns them into 15 minutes of hilarity.




Stoner Cartoons to Binge

Jon Benjamin voices Archer Sterling, a secret agent working for his mother’s spy agency. With controversial themes, sarcastic undertones and insane plot twists, Archer is your favorite companion at 3 AM in the morning.



The Simpsons

The Simpsons, Stoner Cartoons

How can we forget one of the longest running cartoons in history. The Simpsons has been with us since the 80s and is still going strong. With lovable characters, excellent writing, we’ll probably die before the Simpsons do.

Rocko’s Modern Life

Top 10 Stoner Cartoons, Rocko's Modern Life


Apparently there’s gonna be a reboot, however for those of us old enough to have grown up with Rocko’s Modern Life, this cartoon hits you right in the nostalgic parts. Following the life of a Dingo, his best friends a turtle and a steer, the animated adventure has a unique mix of quirky and disturbing. Definitely something you have to watch!


Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Best Stoner Cartoons, Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Follow the gang, made up of a side order of Chips, a Meatball and a Milkshake, ATHF is definitely one of those shows that will keep you glued season after season. Their jokes are crude, their animation whacky and dialogue that keeps you coming back for more. Definitely deserves to be on any 10 Best Stoner Cartoons Ever list.



Aaah! Real Monsters!

Stoner Cartoons Best, Aahhh!!! Real Monsters!

This was the golden era of Nickelodeon animation. Released roughly the same time as Rocko’s Modern Life, Aaah Real Monsters! Follows the adventures of apprentice monsters getting schooled in the art of scaring. The animation is dark and grim, the monsters I believe is the bases for Monster Inc and once more is a nostalgic jewel that is worth a watch.



Celebrity Deathmatch

Stoner Cartoons, Celebrity Death Match

Want to watch your favorite celebrities battle to the death? This claymation originally aired on MTV did just that. Watch famous celebrities murder each other in glorious combat and enjoy the lively commentary throughout the bloody ordeal.


Adventure Time

Best Stoner Cartoons, Adventure Time

Adventure Time is one of those cartoons that’s absolutely insane, but also has a complex story line and incredibly complex characters. The 20-minute adventure will keep you constantly entertained, the sudden dark twists will keep your interest peaked. Follow Jake and Finn through the Candy Kingdom on their numerous adventures.


Closing Thoughts

If This list would have included more than 10 stoner cartoons, we could also add in Gravity Falls, Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Lab and a plethora of others. Nonetheless, now you have a list of the top 10 best stoner cartoons ever to binge on your next day off.

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