Best Songs to Listen To High

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best songs to listen to high

Writing a Best Songs to Listen to High list always poses a challenge. Every single one of these lists are purely subjective, however, seeing that you are looking for the best songs to listen to high, we have decided to create our own unique list.

We specifically didn’t choose music that has to do with marijuana, but rather creates a unique environment where you can elevate your high. Here’s Marijuana Metropolitan‘s Best Songs to Listen to High!

Miles Davis – The Bitches Brew

Okay, this is more of an album than a song, but it does feel like one song. The Bitches Brew was during the psychedelic period in Miles Davis’ life and while the album lasts for about 40 minutes, it’s a huge freaking trip! The way the communicates with each other, the psychedelic trumpets and intense drum line is definitely something you’ll want to add to your list.

Just hit a big phatty, sit back and relax. Close your eyes and really focus on the music. It’s also a great way to have some background music. It’s not for everyone though. However, for those that can stomach psychedelic jazz…this is definitely something you should listen to high.


Pawn Shop – Sublime

Now an actual song! For those who don’t know Sublime, they are a genius band from SoCal and mix punk rock with reggae, hip hop and ska.

Pawn Shop is an amazing song to listen to high. It has so many levels to it and will get you feeling more stoned every passing second.

Sadly, Sublime is no more because Bradley Nowell died of a Heroin Overdose back in the 90s, but for the music they did produce, it’s genius! Nonetheless, if you have never heard of Sublime, we hope that this provides you the point of partition to begin to enjoy this stoner band!

Sensimilla [Splif Therapist] – Seeed

This German Reggae band will blow you away. This song is made for weed. I mean, it’s entitled “Sensimilla”.

Seeed has some deep bass lines, awesome vocals and a message that even though you might not understand German, you’d understand them. They emit a deep stoner vibe throughout most of their tracks, but if you were to twist our arms and make us pick one song…we go with Sensimilla!

There is nothing better than to get out a bag of weed, put on a Seeed album and simply chill to their relaxing vibes. What makes them great is that they mix a lot of psychedelic sounds into their music, so you’ll find many layers to enjoy. Definitely should be on any list of best songs to listen to high.

Come as we Enter – Damian Marley

One of Bob Marley’s sons, Damian provides a different feel of Jamaica. Together with Nas, the NY Rapper, Come As We Enter is an energetic beat that will get you pumped. Take a couple of tokes before blasting this at a high volume and you will surely feel the beats pumping through your body.

In fact, you can go ahead and continue to listen to the entire Distant Relatives album featuring Nas and Jr. Gong. The entire album is a master piece and we hope that “Come as We Enter” encourages you to listen to the rest!

Any Song by the Gorillaz

Once more, it’s more of an entire concept as opposed to one song. Gorillaz, though old, have some seriously wicked beats and sounds that simply mesh well with stoners. Spark up a doobie and listen to some Gorillaz while high.

Gorillaz, who used to be “Blur”, fuses amazing sounds and have extensively deep lyrics. There is simply something about their sound, the fact that they portray themselves as cartoon characters and the entire concept that draws stoners to them like a mosquito to a bug-zapper!


Final Thoughts

These kinds of lists are always hard to write. I have thousands of songs that could go on this list but for the sake of brevity, this will be it. If you have songs you’d like to add to the list, leave a comment below with a small description and I’ll add it in. Let’s see how long we can grow this list! Check out our Facebook for more Awesome Top Lists!

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