Can Smoking Weed Kill You?

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can smoking weed kill you?

Many people are considering smoking cannabis for the first time. To them, the alien plant might cause some anxiety. Like, can smoking weed kill you? Seasoned stoners know this answer well, but this article isn’t dedicated to seasoned stoners.

Today, we’ll be answering another marijuana question, “can smoking weed kill you?”.

Understanding the LD-50 of Cannabis

can smoking weed kill you?
One of the measurement tools that medical researchers use to depict the danger level of a substance is through the LD-50. LD-50 stands for “Lethal dose – 50” and indicates when a substance killed off 50% of test subjects.

They do this by providing the test subject with a small dose of the substance and increase the dosage until a lethal dose occurs. While this isn’t a perfect indication of the lethality of a substance, it does provide us with a ballpark figure.

When it comes to cannabis, the LD-50 is set between 1:20000 and 1:40000. What this means is that it is virtually impossible to have a lethal overdose due to wed alone. In fact, those numbers suggest that a human being would have to smoke roughly 1500 lbs in 15 minutes to induce a lethal dose.

But what about concentrates?

Considering that the average cannabis strain contains about 14% of THC and concentrates can reach into the high 90% margin, would you need less concentrates to induce a lethal dose.

If we were to estimate that cannabis concentrates are roughly 10 times more potent than the average strain, it would mean that you’d still need roughly 150 lbs of concentrates within 15 minutes to induce a lethal overdose.

For anyone who has ever smoked marijuana, vaping 150 lbs of concentrates is virtually impossible. You’d pass out before you even reach 10 grams.

Why Smoking Weed Can’t Kill You?

can smoking weed kill you?
The other concern people have are the carcinogens in cannabis smoke. Will you get cancer if you smoke weed?

The short answer…no

The longer answer. While it’s true that burning anything will produce carcinogens, the cannabis smoke also contains cannabinoids. These cannabinoids turn off the enzymatic activities that transcribes the carcinogens onto the gene. In essence, this means that even though there are carcinogens, the weed shields you from it bonding with you.

Unlike nicotine, that acts as an activator.

Therefore, despite the fact that there are carcinogens within the weed smoke, the likeliness of you getting cancer from it is minuscule.


Last Thoughts

For those of you wanting to try cannabis for the first time, we hope that this article helped set your mind at ease. Even if you were to go overboard and perhaps eat one too many brownies, just know that you can’t die from consuming marijuana. At least not at the limited amounts that you are consuming it.

We know that trying something new is scary, however weed is one of the more mellow experiences out there that will expand your horizons, introduce you to new likes and take you on a journey for life. Either way, now you should know the answer to “Can smoking weed kill you?”

Welcome to the cannabis community!

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