Dutch Treat Strain – All You Need to Know

Dutch Treat strain

“Dutch Treat strain” – what’s the first thought that comes to mind? If you are a marijuana user, chances are that you might know exactly what we mean. If not, well, maybe you’re thinking about the last time you went to a restaurant and split the bill with your date or loved one. We will leave the bills for later and focus on the marijuana-related Dutch Treat strain for the sake of this article.

Although cannabis has been a taboo word for centuries, its popularity and use have drastically grown and evolved over the years. Nowadays, marijuana has been legalized, predominantly for medical use, in a number of US states, countries such as Chile, Colombia, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, and most recently – Canada. A number of areas have also opened up the barriers to personal consumption of cannabis, with certain restrictions on the consumed or transported quantity from place to place.

The fact is, Marijuana is officially a thing in the world and regardless of whether you are a dedicated consumer or you are interested in trying for the first time, it’s a good idea to do some research on the different cannabis types, their characteristics, side-effects, or even ways of growing, before you try. You’ll be surprised at how interesting the world of Marijuana is, with its rich diversity!

In this article, we’ll look at the Dutch Treat strain and provide a full overview of its nature and use.

Dutch cannabis

Duch cannabis via Pixabay

The Dutch Treat Strain – What Is It?

The Dutch Treat strain can be found in coffee shops in Amsterdam and it is part of the Indica marijuana family. This is probably the best time to mention that if you still haven’t been to Amsterdam and you are a marijuana consumer, then it is a good idea to add it on your travel list for your next holiday. The city is popular with its divers coffee shops, which offer some of the best and most rare marijuana sorts for consumers with different tastes and preferences.

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, there are light options for you to try, which will give you a general sense of the effects of marijuana on your body and mind.

For the beginners out there, cannabis is divided into two dominant families, with their separate specifications – Indica and Sativa.

What is typical for Indica plants is that they don’t have as much height as Sativa plants, they are often bushy and their leaves are wide. The main benefit of Indica plants is that they are better from a grower’s perspective as they often develop in less time. There are, however, hybrid plants, which combine some of the traits of the Sativa and the Indica families.

Now, having this information, let’s go back to the Dutch Treat strain. This marijuana type is an Indica-heavy hybrid, which consists 1% CBD (Cannabidiol) and between 15% and 30% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol or the main psychoactive ingredient of cannabis).

CBD is often used for medication, specifically for treating heart arrhythmia or other cardiovascular diseases. The compound found in cannabis stimulates vasorelaxation, which is the releasing of the tension that is collected in the blood vessel walls. As a result, consumers of products with CBD find it easier to relax or calm down in situations where their physical condition does not allow them to.

The interesting thing about the Dutch Treat is that its actual heritage remains uncertain. There are speculations that the Dutch Treat strain comes from a mixture of a heavy Indica and a strong Sativa bud but there is no evidence that shows its history.

Consumer Effects and Use

The Dutch Treat strain is popular for providing positive physical effects, apart from its psychoactive influence on the consumer’s mind. You can easily spot the sort with its highly Sativa-like look, conical buds, soft leaves and the extraordinary smell of fruits and sweets. The rich aroma of the Dutch Treat strain is among the most attractive factors for consumers, especially because of its light pine and eucalyptus tree smell.

marijuana on the tableMarijuana on the table via  Pixabay

Every marijuana sort will have a different standard high period. For example, while one type may keep you uplifted for an hour, another may have a longer effect and last for four to six hours. The length of the high will also depend on your personal mood, condition, usage, and other factors.

This cannabis sort will quickly get you on cloud nine, with the high lasting for two hours on average, and will not bring you down at the end. Instead, reviews by consumers suggest that the after-effect is the sensation of being uplifted and euphoric. As one review states, the Dutch Treat strain is:

“One of the very best “calm you down, take a load off” strains. As long as I have been keeping track, this strain has been a favorite. Faced with 20-30 strains, almost always a choose this because it reliably calms, soothes and improves mood. Stress reduced, mind relaxer.”

Some of the most commonly experienced feelings when using this cannabis sort includes a sense of relaxation or euphoria. A number of consumers have also shared that they experienced feelings of happiness and uplift, while some have said that they managed to increase their focus after consumption. However, we must note that there are a few negative side-effects that may be unlocked when consuming the Dutch Treat, including dry mouth and eyes, feelings of anxiety, dizziness or paranoia.

The sensations can be varied according to the method of consumption (the Dutch Treat, like most marijuana sorts, can be inhaled but it can also be consumed as an ingredient in food or oil, for instance).

From a medical perspective, the Dutch Treat finds use in healing patients suffering from stress, depressions, chronic pain, insomnia, or fatigue.

marijuana strain dutch

Dutch Treat strain: Pixabay

The Dutch Treat from a Grower’s Perspective

Marijuana growers will appreciate the difficulty of creating quality cannabis and will be familiar with how varied the process can be, according to the marijuana sort. The growing process of the Dutch Treat strain has been described as easy by experts, in comparison to other marijuana sorts, making it an enjoyable product, both for the consumer and the producer.

With a high yield, above the average, the Dutch Treat can harvest up to 8 ounces of the flower. The “blooming” of the Dutch Treat can take place in six to eight weeks in taken care of indoors. In other words, it is a piece of pie for dedicated Marijuana growers!

The Dutch Treat strain is a popular and loved by consumers cannabis sort that is definitely worth the try! Don’t forget to check the Marijuana laws in your area before consuming cannabis.

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