Getting Moon Rocked – Moon Rock Weeds

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Moon Rock Weeds, Moon Rock

What are Moon Rock Weeds?

Moon Rock consists of a marijuana bud submerged in cannabis oil, and then rolled in Kief [the powdery resin glands that contain the terpenes and cannabinoids].

It’s not your grandmother’s cannabis, that’s for sure. While it is still not one of the most popular ways to smoke marijuana, however many stoners have embraced the idea of “Getting Moon Rocked!”

Moon Rock Weeds – Effects

Moon Rock isn’t a type of thing you smoke to get up and go about your day. With a heavy almost couch-lock effect to it, people typically use it for relaxation or as a sleep aid. It’s also pretty good for helping with chronic pain or simply relaxing to the point of oblivion.

After a while, when you build up a slight tolerance to Moon Rock, you can use it more sparingly throughout the day, however if it’s your first time, we recommend you smoke it at nighttime or if you have nothing else planned for the rest of the day.

Considering that most of the buds used within Moonrock tend to be indicas, it’s no wonder that Getting Moon rocked won’t put a pep in your step.

How to Smoke Moon Rock

Moon Rock Weeds, Moon Rock, Moonrock, Marijuana
Moon Rock has a similar consistency to hash, meaning you can smoke it in a pipe or break it off into little balls and place it inside a joint or a blunt.

I personally prefer to smoke it out of a Chillum or a hitter of some sorts. You don’t need much either to get the job done. Simply break off a little piece and place it in the smoking device. A tenth of a gram is more than enough to get you high and in all likeliness; you won’t be able to finish it in one sitting [if it’s your first time.]

When you roll it in a joint, make sure that the moon rock is covered with the rest of the weed because if it is touching the paper, the paper will burn before the moonrocks do and could leave holes in the joint.  You don’t have this problem when it comes to blunts.


Cost of Moon Rock Weeds

Moon Rock isn’t cheap. When you search “How Much Does Moon Rock Cost” on Google, you’ll find the median price of $30 per gram. If you have a personal hookup, you might be able to get it for $20 per gram. However most people buy it within the $30 margin.

This means that moon rock weeds aren’t cheap, but you don’t need a lot to get you through the day. From personal experience, if I buy an 8th of an ounce, it lasts me between two to three weeks and I smoke daily.

This makes Moon Rock a solid investment if you want to get zonked. Just remember, moon rock is not to be smoked if you have important tasks ahead, it’s more of an “unplug and forget the world for a bit” thing.



In a future section we’ll be talking about Sun Rocks, which is similar to moon rock…but with a small difference.

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