How Long Does Marijuana High Last?

how long does marijuana high last

Questions such as ‘How long does marijuana high last’ are frequently being asked by newbies to cannabis. Today, we’ll be walking you through the different types of highs and how long it lasts. The first thing you have to understand is that the length of high is dependent on how the weed is consumed.

How Long Does Marijuana High Last – Smoking/Vaping


how long does marijuana high last?

The most common form of consuming marijuana is smoking it. By burning the plant matter, you activate the cannabinoids which are inhaled with the smoke. The fact that you are inhaling the weed means it will ‘hit’ you quicker than any other form of consuming marijuana.

Despite the fact that you’ll be high quicker, you’ll also be sober quicker. The average marijuana high, when smoking will last you between 1-2 hours depending on the potency. There are some more potent strains out there that will keep you lifted for up to four hours.

If you’re dabbing, you can expect to be high between 1-3 hours depending on the dosage and potency of your concentrate. Dabbing is near instant in hitting you. The high is clear but can be intense if you overdo it.

How Long Does Marijuana High Last – Edibles

how long does marijuana high last

With Edibles, you have to be careful. For starters, the high of an edible can last you up to eight hours. We’re talking about a single edible. It is important to note that the edible potency will have a direct impact on the duration of your trip.

The reason why edibles last longer is because when THC is ingested and processed in the liver, the THC is converted to a different chemical structure which is more potent – 11-Hydroxy THC.

When eating weed, it takes about an hour for it to hit you. Once it hits you, you’ll immediately feel it in your body. As mentioned, the high will last you for at least six to eight hours, so prepare to be ‘in it’ for a while.

If you are going to consume edibles, just be sure to moderate your consumption. Many newbie stoners over-eat edibles because the high doesn’t hit straight away. The problem with this approach is that when you’re eating the second edible, the first edible might only be a few minutes away from being activated.

Then, roughly an hour later, the second edible will activate. Depending on your tolerance, this might be too much. In some cases, brownie-related highs have lasted well into the 18-hour margins. However, it’s important to note that these folks ate somewhere between 10-15 brownies.

However, the typical edible will give you a high for 6-8 hours.

How Long does Marijuana High Last – Drinking it!

how long does marijuana high last

Finally, another common way of consuming cannabis is through drinking it in teas or other types of infusions. This kind of high is quite mellow and relaxing. Similar to an edible, the high can last you for a good solid six hours, however, you won’t be ‘as high’ as with edibles.

This is a perfect remedy for people with sleep issues, so worrying about how long you’ll be high for won’t be a problem.



To give you the quick answers to the proposed question;

  • Smoking – 1-4 hours depending on potency
  • Eating – 6-8 hours depending on dose and potency
  • Drinking 6-8 hours depending on dose and potency

We hope that the information provided here allows you to make an informed decision about smoking marijuana. For more, be sure to follow us on Facebook where we post amazing cannabis content every day! More so, if you have any other marijuana questions, follow this link.

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