How to Make Cannabis Oil at Home

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how to make cannabis oil

Learning how to make cannabis oil is an important skill to learn since cannabis oil provides a plethora of medical benefits. If you’re interested in becoming more self-sufficient when it comes to your health and medicine, then learning how to make cannabis oil will serve you well.

While there are different ways to make cannabis oil, we’ll be dealing with RSO. What is RSO? RSO is cannabis oil made with an alcohol solvent. It was first made famous by Rick Simpson, and thus they called this result of “oil making” the Rick Simpson Oil.

How to Make Cannabis Oil  – RSO Method

how to make cannabis oil
Now that you know what RSO means, let’s walk you through the steps on how to make cannabis oil at home.

NOTE: Alcohol is highly volatile when heating up, thus be careful and follow these steps exactly to not burn down your house.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 An ounce of Good Premium Bud
  • 90% Proof Alcohol
  • Slow Rice Cooker
  • Jar [storage]
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Fan

This is essentially all you’ll need to know how to make cannabis oil.

How to Make Cannabis Oil – The Steps

how to make cannabis oil
The first thing you’ll want to do is to break up your cannabis buds. You don’t need to grind them up, simply breaking up the buds is enough.

Once you have finished this step with your full ounce, you’ll want to soak it in 90% proof alcohol. Soak it in there for roughly 1 hour to allow the resin to break off the buds.

Now that you’ve finished the extracting process, you’ll want to filter the concoction through a cheesecloth. Strain the liquid into your rice cooker.

If the liquid is too much, then you simply strain out the liquid into a container that you can add periodically into the rice cooker.

Once you have filled the rice cooker with the cannabis-infused alcohol mixture, turn on the heat to about 200º F and slowly let the alcohol evaporate.

Place a fan near the tip of the rice cooker to blow away the alcohol vapor.

Continue with this process until all of the alcohol has evaporated from the rice cooker. If you have extra stored liquid in other jars, simply continue to refill the rice cooker until you have gone through all of the liquid.

You’ll notice, after the alcohol has completely evaporated, there is a sticky black oil at the bottom. This is your cannabis oil!

Transfer that [while hot] into a jar or some storage unit.

How Much Cannabis Oil Can you Get?

how to make cannabis oilThis cannabis oil is really not meant to be smoked [although you could vaporize it], but mainly it is used to be eaten to treat diseases like cancer.

From one ounce you should get about 4-5 grams of oil. A pound of cannabis would produce roughly 60 g – 90 g of oil depending on the bud density.

For medical purposes, you’ll want to work your way up to roughly a gram a day to treat things like cancer or chronic pain.

Last Thoughts

Even if you aren’t suffering from an illness or debilitating condition, consuming roughly .5 grams of cannabis oil will simply help with your general health. You can place these in cannabis pills to make it easier to consume.

We hope this quick how to make cannabis oil recipe serves you well. For more updates, check us out on Facebook!

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