How to Make Weed Wax

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how to make weed wax

You’ve heard about it, you’ve probably smoked it…but how to make weed wax is the real question today. Wax, or cannabis extracts are made through the process of passing cannabis through a solvent. In many cases, the solvent is Butane, however there are other solvents used as well.

While there are many ways to go about making weed wax, today we’re going to be talking about the safest and easiest way to do it at home [without blowing yourself up in the process].

How to Make Weed Wax – The Safe Way

how to make weed wax
While the method we’re going to be talking about isn’t the most effective, it is the cheapest and easiest to achieve. Using solvents will always produce more wax than the method we’re about to talk about.

So what is the method?

It’s called Rosin Tech or the Rosin Technique. Essentially, this uses heat to melt the resin off the plant and captures it on some wax paper.

While there are “Rosin Presses” you could buy for a few hundred dollars, the cheapest and most DIY-friendly approach utilizes a hair straightener.

So how does it work?

How to Make Weed Wax – The Rosin Technique

how to make weed wax
The first thing you’ll need is some good ‘ol bud! This can’t be shwaggy street purchased weed. It needs to be sticky, covered in resin premium weed. The higher density of resin on the plant, the more weed wax you’d be able to produce.

Now that you have the bud on hand, you’ll want to get a hair straightener. There are several options available for under $100.

Take the hair straightener and heat it up. Then take your bud and some wax paper and fold the wax paper over the bud. Now, with the heated hair straightener, press down on your wax paper filled with weed and apply some pressure.

Hold it for no longer than 3-5 seconds and lift. You’ll see that the pressure and the heat leaves a residue of wax on the paper.

You can repeat this 3-4 times before you’ve extracted all of the wax from the weed. Continue to do so until you have finished your stash and converted it to wax.

You’ll want to scrape the wax off the wax paper and place it in a container for safe storage.

And that’s it!

The Benefits of Weed Wax

how to make weed wax

Wax is a highly concentrated form of cannabis. You need less of it to achieve the same level of high. A simple toke could be the equivalent of smoking a half a joint, depending on the potency of the strain.

Knowing how to make weed wax at home is a skill every stoner should learn. If you’re willing to produce more and invest some cash into this operation, getting a rosin press is probably your best bet. Sure, you’ll be spending a few hundred dollars on the device, but you’ll be able to produce wax at home with no problem.

This is especially good for folks who grow at home, seeing that you can harvest wax from the sugar leaves as well.

We hope this provided you with some insight on how to make weed wax at home, and for more follow us on Facebook!

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