How to Roll a Joint Tutorial

how to roll a joint

It’s almost a rite of passage in the cannabis community to know how to roll a joint. While you might have seen plenty of Youtube Videos on the subject matter, knowing how to roll a joint will take time and patience.

The best thing you can do if you’re interested in rolling a joint is to get some weed, some papers and to practice.

We’ll be giving you some pointers on how to roll a joint in this comprehensive guide. We’ll also be talking about little tricks you can use to make it easier on you and discussing a few different methods.

The Stoner’s Rite – Free Roll

how to roll a joint
This is the one thing that every stoner should know. You don’t have to be a master, but you definitely need to know how to roll a joint from scratch. The freeroll becomes easier over time and once you do manage to master it, you’ll be able to make other types of joints such as Cones, blunts,  Tulips and the likes.

So let’s talk about the basics of Free Rolling:

  • Step 1: Grind up your Weed
  • Step 2: Get your rolling paper and place it in between your index and middle finger. Lay it out flat in the crevice between your fingers.
  • Step 3: Place the desired amount of weed in the center of the paper. You want to have enough weed so that the joint isn’t too thin, but not too much weed making it difficult to close. A moderate amount is more than enough.
  • Step 4: Now, turn the joint with the weed horizontally and start rolling the paper up and down. Your goal here is to roll the weed into a joint shape.
  • Step 5: Once you have firmly created the tube-like shape with the weed, it’s time to roll it closed. To do this, you’ll continue rolling and when you start rolling towards you, to insert the bottom of the paper into the upper part of the weed. Once you’ve managed to lodge the paper in the top part of the weed, continue to roll upwards and the paper will do the rest.
  • Step 6: Now that you have the joint almost completely rolled, lick the sticky part of the joint and finish the roll.
  • Step 7: At times, you will have too little weed. You can now take your joint and pack it with some more weed. If you want, you can also make a filter out of cardboard. Simply cut off a piece of thin cardboard, roll it into a tube-like shape and insert it into the bottom of the joint. Lick the paper and make it dry around the paper.

That’s all you need to do to roll a joint free hand. It’s not as easy as it sounds on paper, but as mentioned it’s only a bit of practice you’ll need to become a pro. If it’s a smoke-able joint, then it’s a good joint. You don’t have to be “Señor Joints – Master of All Joint Rolling”, just good enough to get a smoke-able thing.

The Dollar Bill Method

The next method we’re going to be teaching you is sort of a hack. It’s a simple way that anyone can roll a joint, whether they can do it freehand or not.

For this, you’ll need a dollar bill.

  • Step 1: Grind up your weed
  • Step 2: Place your weed inside of the dollar bill
  • Step 3: Start rolling the weed as you would a regular joint. Once you’ve made the tube-like shape of the weed.
  • Step 4: Insert the paper with the sticky side facing you. You’ll want to insert the lower piece of the paper below the weed on top.
  • Step 5: Now slowly start rolling the joint upwards and you’ll notice that the paper will be fed into the dollar bill. Once only the sticky side remains, lick it and stick it.
  • Step 6: You can in this part work on a filter and packing the joint tightly.

It’s a much simpler method, but it’s definitely something that can save you if you no one in your group can roll a joint.

For those who simply don’t even want to try to learn how to roll a joint, you can always buy gear to make things a bit easier.

Joint Rollers

There are plenty of joint rollers on the market. Brands like Zig Zag have been making these types of rollers for decades. In essence, it uses the same principle of the dollar bill method, except it’s on a roller matt.

  • Step 1: Insert the weed into the roller and close it
  • Step 2: Start rolling the weed towards you. Only place your fingers on one of the rollers when rolling.
  • Step 3: After a few rolls, insert the paper with the sticky side facing up and you. Start rolling.
  • Step 4: Once only the sticky side remains, lick it and stick it.


There will be no packing these joints. They usually come tightly packed and resembling a cigarette. These are small joints. You don’t have the same versatility as with the Dollar bill method or the Freehand method.

Irrespectively, if you don’t know how to roll a joint, buying one of these will be perfect. You also won’t have to spend too much as some of them are under $5.

Final Thoughts

It’s always best to know how to roll a joint, however, today we showed you several alternatives to free rolling. There is literally no more excuse for anyone to say “I don’t know how to roll a joint.” We hope that this guide at least peaked your interest in learning how to roll a joint.

In fact, if you do decide to roll your first joint after reading this guide, please send us your pictures. We’d love to feature your first creations on our social media accounts.

Rolling a joint is a stoner’s rite. It’s your initiation into the realm of the stoner. We hope that we could serve as a guide to get you there.

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