How to Smoke Marijuana the Right Way

how to smoke marijuana

We’re continuing with our series on helping newbies to cannabis become familiar with everything related to marijuana. Today we’re going to show you how to smoke marijuana the right way.

First of all, there is no right way to smoke marijuana. Everybody eventually makes their own unique ritual when partaking in the sacred herb. Nonetheless, we’ll discuss the most conventional ways to smoke marijuana.

How to Smoke Marijuana – Joints

how to smoke marijuana

The most common way of smoking marijuana comes in the forms of joints and blunts.

Joints are basically cannabis cigarettes. While it might take you a while to master the art of rolling, smoking it is pretty straightforward.

Unlike tobacco smoke, with a cannabis joint, you simply want to inhale directly. With a tobacco cigarette, smokers tend to first drag, fill up their mouths with smoke and shoot it into their lungs.

When it comes to smoking a joint, you want to simply breathe in slowly and deeply. The smoke isn’t as harsh as tobacco smoke and you’ll be able to fill your lungs as opposed to your mouth. This means you get larger doses of THC per drag.

When smoking a joint, be careful so it doesn’t start running. What we mean by running is that the paper starts burning unevenly. If this happens, simply use a little bit of saliva or water and put it over the “running part”. When you smoke, the saliva/water will act as a barrier for the paper to burn, allowing the rest of the joint to catch up.

This is just stoner etiquette 101.

How to Smoke Marijuana – Pipes, Bongs, and Vapes

how to smoke marijuana
If you’re going to be smoking marijuana more regularly and want to stretch your grams, you’ll want to invest in a pipe or a bong. Pipes, bongs or vapes are tools used to smoke marijuana.

Simply pack the bowl, the part that is designated for the marijuana, and light it up. Suck through the opening at the end of the pipe or the bong.

If you’re smoking a bong you’ll be able to filter the smoke through water and with a vaporizer you’ll never actually burn the weed.

Sure, these things might cost money, however, these methods of consumption will consume less than smoking blunts or joints. This means you can modulate your own consumption more acutely.

How to Smoke Marijuana – Concentrates

how to smoke marijuana
Finally, while not technically smoking weed, dabbing is becoming more popular every day. The beauty of concentrates is that it is highly potent and you don’t need a lot to get you going.

Additionally, you can also buy a vape pen designed for concentrates. This makes smoking on the go a breeze and in many cases, you can even smoke in public and people simply won’t know what you’re doing.

Obviously, you don’t want to be flamboyant about your cannabis consumption in public, however, it is a very convenient way to smoke weed.


Bottom Line

As mentioned, there really isn’t one correct way of smoking weed. You will eventually find your own preferred method. In the meanwhile, if you liked what you were reading here, simply turn on the notifications and you’ll be informed every time a new post comes out!

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