How Marijuana for Opiate Addicts is the Solution to a Crisis

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Marijuana Opiate

Marijuana for Opiate Addicts might sound like a strange solution, however, there is more to it than simply exchanging one drug for another. Before we jump into the solution, let’s understand how people become opiate addicts in the first place.

Nobody plans to get hooked on Opiates. For most, it starts with an injury or some form of pain. They go to the doctor and get prescribed some powerful painkillers. They take the pills and feel better.

Eventually, as time goes on, they start to develop a dependency on it. When the doctor’s prescriptions run out, they are stuck struggling with an addiction. For many, this means turning to the streets for the ‘next best thing’ – Heroin.

This isn’t the story of everyone, but there are millions who have followed this path. The path to recovery is no walk in the park either.

This is perhaps how marijuana for opiate addicts can help through the withdrawal process and ease residual anxiety caused by addiction.

Marijuana for Easing Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal

marijuana for opiate addicts
Getting off opiates is not a pleasant experience. People feel muscle aches, agitation, anxiety, hypertension and plenty other terrible states of being within the first 6-30 hours. Once you’ve reached the 72-hour marker, you’ll start feeling stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting, depression and strong drug cravings.

For many of these symptoms, cannabis can help. For instance, smoking high dose CBD strains can help cure the anxiety and muscle aches. Low dose THC strains can help with hypertension and the likes. Furthermore, using a strong Indica strain can help with any sleep issues.

When the late withdrawal symptoms set in, cannabis can help with easing the stomach cramps, nausea and depression.

Furthermore, once you’ve gone through the initial withdrawal process, you’ll still be faced with cravings. In these instances, using CBD oils and having cannabis on hand can help you manage the cravings. Seeing that cannabis is about as addictive as coffee, using it as a substitute for opiate addicts makes sense.

Weaning off a “marijuana addiction” [and I use the term loosely], might give you a slight headache, some mild cravings and slight irritability. However, it’s not nearly as intense as weaning off heroin.

Marijuana for opiate addicts can be a substantial help through the recovery process.

Of course, you’ll still feel like hell is pissing on you, but it won’t be as bad as going through the experience without marijuana.

What the Data Says about Cannabis and Opiate Fatalities

marijuana statistics
While the data is still very premature, and we mustn’t fall in the trap of causation vs correlation, we have been seeing a trend occur within states that have legalized medical cannabis.

More interestingly, states that have easier access to cannabis dispensaries have seen the greatest effect of reduction in opiate-related deaths.

People speculate because patients are using cannabis as a substitute for opiate-based painkillers. We have seen a reduction of up to 30% in opiate-related deaths in states with easy access to medical marijuana dispensaries.

In many marijuana forums, patients have spoken out about their personal experiences with cannabis and painkillers. Many of them found cannabis to be a suitable substitute with far fewer side effects.

Seeing that marijuana cannot cause a fatal overdose and that the US is currently struggling with an opiate crisis, creating more accessible marijuana policies could be in the best interest of the nation’s health. Nonetheless, we are currently facing a crisis. Marijuana for opiate addicts can help with the situation.

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