Marijuana Seeds & What you Need to do with them!

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marijuana seeds

You’re excited because you just found a few marijuana seeds in a premium sack of bud. Or perhaps, you have shwaggy dirt weed with a lot of seeds. Today, we’ll be going over a few things you can do with your marijuana seeds to make it go that extra mile.

Perhaps start growing it?

marijuana seeds
The first thing that comes to mind when finding marijuana seeds is to start growing. Some of you might be living in prohibition states or countries, making growing marijuana a tad bit more complicated. Nonetheless, with a small space and some stoner ingenuity, you can whip up a low cost grow room where you can easily fit 2-3 plants.

You don’t need a large set up to make this happen.

Even if you got dirt weed with a lot of seeds, you can increase the potency of the strain by growing it properly. In most cases, the dirt weed isn’t all that bad. The problem lies in the growing, cropping, curing and storing the weed that negatively affects potency.

Even if you have poor quality weed, you can increase potency by growing the seeds and making sure you remove all males, flush it properly, wait for full maturity, take your time in curing and drying.

You can increase the genetics of the plant over time too if you have enough seeds but that’s for a different article.

Maybe use it in your food!

marijuana seeds
Cannabis seeds are packed with nutritional value. It’s one of the highest sources of protein in nature outside of animals. This means, that you can grind up the marijuana seeds and put it in your smoothies or milkshakes.

Furthermore, you can also use it as a “spice”. Simply ground up the seeds and sprinkle it in your food while you’re cooking. It won’t alter the taste much and will provide you with Saturated fats, Omega-3 and Omega-9, antioxidants and much more.

Protest with it

marijuana seeds
While this isn’t a very popular approach to using marijuana seeds, as well as containing some risk…this strategy is what is called “The Green Rush”.

There are a number of cannabis activists around the world that practice “guerilla growing”. What this means is that they go around town and drop cannabis seeds in public gardens. The plants grow and people are exposed to the marijuana plant without knowing it’s cannabis.

The purpose of this strategy is to ‘overgrow’ the government. In other words, grow so much weed that they can’t stop it. While this tactic might land you in jail [if caught], it still is respectable that a few individuals would risk their liberty for a just cause.

Final words

There are many things you can do with marijuana seeds. It really comes down to your own intentions. Do you want to grow your own? Are you interested in health? Or simply, are you trying to “stick it to the man”?

When it comes to Marijuana Seeds, it all comes down to preferences!

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