Rolling a Joint – The Dollar Bill Method

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rolling a joint

Some people have a natural talent for rolling a joint. Others, I would dare say the vast majority of us simply can’t get it just right. While we can use joint rollers, we can’t carry them with us all the time.

Today, for those of you who have feet-for-fingers, I’ll be showing you a technique that will allow you to roll the perfect joint every time, no matter where you are.

Rightfully named “The dollar bill method”; rolling a joint will never be simpler.

So here’s what you do…

How Do You Roll a Joint With a Dollar Bill? from CannabisNet on Vimeo.


Rolling a Joint – The Dollar Bill Method Explained

rolling a joint, dollar bill method

The first thing you’ll need is a bill. It doesn’t have to be a dollar bill. It can be any bill you have on you. However, seeing that most people would have at least a dollar bill in their wallet, it usually is the go-to-bill for stoners. Hence the name.

Now that you have your dollar bill out, place it on the table flat and horizontal facing towards you. Next, you’ll want to grind up some weed. Make sure that you remove all stems from the weed so that the dollar bill is not pierced when rolling.

Once the weed is ground up, simply place it in the shape of a joint in the center of the dollar bill. Be sure to not make it too thick, however, you can place a decent sum of weed in the center. In fact, you can stuff it full once you master the art of the dollar bill method.

Now that you have the weed in the center. Take the dollar bill and lift it vertically towards you.

Close the dollar bill around the weed and start rolling it up and down, in the shape of a joint. Do this until the weed becomes somewhat compacted in a cylindrical form [aka, looking like a joint].

Now that you have it nice and rolled, take your rolling paper and insert it into the dollar bill below the weed. Pay attention to what I wrote.

Place The Paper In Between The Dollar Bill Below The Weed.

You don’t have to force it in there, just the tips would do. Also, MAKE SURE THAT THE STICKY SIDE is placed towards you.

Now that you have the paper fastened, close the dollar bill and start rolling the joint. You’ll be rolling upwards if you do it right – It should once you start rolling.

Keep rolling the paper until it forms a joint and only the sticky side remains. Open the dollar joint, lick it and keep on rolling.

The mechanics are very similar to your average joint roller.

If any weed falls out, you can simply stuff the joint at the end, twist and light it up.

Final Thoughts

This method is the easiest to master and will have you rolling a joint like a pro in no time. When you whip out this trick in a group of “people who can’t roll a weed”, you’ll instantly be considered a ganja genius.

We hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial and if you like what we’re doing, consider giving us a like and a follow on Facebook.

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