To Dab or Not to Dab – Marijuana Dabs

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Marijuana Dabs, BHO, Wax, Honey

What are Marijuana Dabs?

Marijuana Dabs are cannabis concentrates made through an extraction process involving solvents – typically Butane. The purity and strength of dabs are quite high, some extracts reaching high in to the 90% THC levels.

You need to respect the dab or the dab will floor you.

Why Dab in the first place?

Marijuana Dabs, Bho, Concentrates, Wax, Honey
Taking the obvious reason of ‘potency’ out of the equation, there are many reasons why people have taken a liking to marijuana dabs.

Firstly, the fact that you’re dealing with extracts means that you aren’t burning any plant material. There is never any combustion when smoking dabs. This makes it less strenuous on your body seeing that you’re eliminating ‘smoke’ from the process.

Secondly, if dabbing properly, it can actually be cheaper than buying buds. The reason for this is because of the potency. You don’t need as much of it to get the same effect. A quick dab or two might be all you need to be jolly and smoked out.

How do one ‘smoke’ Marijuana Dabs?

There are plenty of ways to go about dabbing. Most dabbers use a rig of some sort. Essentially, it’s a bong with a titanium bowl. The bowl is heated up and the dab is placed against it. Then you inhale like you do with every bong.

Other people opt in for vape pens. This method essentially has a heating element and a chamber to place the dabs. This method is the most cost effective if you’re trying to stretch the dollar value of your dabs.

Finally, you can use it in joints, blunts or bowls. Take a bit, roll it into a ball and place it on top of your grounded buds. The wax will melt over the weed and will evaporate along with the smoke. This is the most expensive way to consume marijuana dabs.

Are Dabs Dangerous?

Marijuana Dabs, Concentrates, Wax, Bho, Honey
There is nothing inherently dangerous about dabbing. The problem comes with over-consumption. There have been cases of people passing as the result of a monster dab.

There is no reason to dab yourself into oblivion. Seeing that dabs are quite potent, you should take moderate hits. Pace yourself and wait for the effect to kick in.

Other than smoking too much too quickly, if you learn to pace yourself you’ll never run into a problem dabbing.

What are the effects?

Marijuana Dabs, Concentrates, Wax, Bho, Honey
Depending if you’re dabbing indica or sativa, it can have different effects. Nevertheless, the high is typically quite “clear” and not so body intensive. It feels more like a head-high than a body high.

You will be stoned – heavily. Unless you’re dabbing with a vape pen [where you can take smaller more controlled hits], dabbing has a quick onset meaning you’ll want to clear your schedule for a few hours.

Once you’ve built up a tolerance, you’ll know how much to dab and when to dab to make it most effective.

How much do Dabs Cost?

Marijuana Dabs, Concentrates, Wax, Bho, Honey
Cost depends on where you’re located at, but people easily spend $30-$40 a gram for this stuff. One gram however, if consumed moderately, can last you more than a week.

If you’re trying to stretch your dollars, we recommend you get yourself a vape pen and buy a few grams at a time. With 4 grams a vape pen, you could easily “spark up” every evening for a month without it running out.

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