Top Five High Thoughts Memes

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high thoughts memes

Today we’re at it again with a list of our favorite high thoughts memes. These memes display the most mind-bending truths that the stoner community has come up with over the past few years.

So what are high thoughts?

High thoughts are random ideas that pop into your head when you are under the influence of cannabis. They are also referred to as “highdeas”, or “hits blunt” memes. We have done the selection of our top five hits blunt memes, now we’re doing our top five “high thought” memes.

Let’s jump into them!

When you Clean out a Vacuum Cleaner – Does that make you the Vacuum Cleaner?

high thoughts memes
You can count on stoners to think of stuff like this. Interestingly enough, the answer to this question is YES! You are the vacuum cleaner if you clean out a vacuum cleaner. Crazy right?

Well, it really comes down to the grammar of things. The difference between a noun [a vacuum cleaner] and a verb [you cleaning the vacuum] makes sense of this meme. Nonetheless, we appreciate these kinds of high thoughts because it gets our creative juices flowing and places an interesting twist on common household objects.


If you’re waiting for the waiter…aren’t you the waiter?

high thoughts memes
The next High Thoughts Meme we have on the list is similar to the one above. If you wait for a waiter, does that make you a waiter? Well, you don’t really call people waiting on someone else a “waiter”, however, we get the idea.

This funny and unique play on words is definitely something not common within the English language, but it does make some kind of sense within the twisted mind of a stoner…and we appreciate it!

If you were born deaf, what language do you think in?

High Thoughts Memes
This high thought is a tad bit more profound than the other ones. It’s something that I have thought about. In what language do deaf people think? We all have this “voice inside our heads”, however, if you never heard your own voice…what does that voice sound like?

It something that I personally am eager to ask someone who was born deaf [obviously without offending that person].

As you can see, stoners don’t just think about weed…they do have the ability to dwell into the profound as well.

There are more nipples in the world than there are people

high thoughts memes
Okay, this is neither profound or a smart play on words…it’s just statistically accurate. Considering that humans have at least 2 nipples each [there are some that have more], it means that there are statistically at least twice as many nipples on this planet than people.

This of course if we only consider human nipples. Bringing in animal nipples…we’re talking about 10+ nipples per human.


If a Tomato is a fruit, is ketchup a smoothie?

high thoughts memes
People commonly mistake tomatoes for being vegetables. They technically are fruit. The question in this high thought then becomes interesting. I’m not sure we can call it a smoothie though, maybe we can get away with it being a “juice” or a “sauce” but irrespective…it’s no vegetable paste!

Final Thoughts

These are our five picks for our favorite high thoughts. If we missed any, be sure to get in touch with us so we can add a few more or perhaps make a new list of user-submitted posts.

Until next time…happy tokes!


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