Bipolar depression: Why would a doctor prescribe marijuana?

Why would a doctor prescribe marijuana for bipolar depression

Bipolar disorder and marijuana

Bipolar disorder could be a mental state condition that may cause extreme changes in mood. This includes low, depressive episodes and high, wild episodes. These mood swings are each extreme and unpredictable.

Someone living with the manic-depressive major affective disorder may have symptoms of psychosis including:

hallucinations, seeing or hearing things that aren’t there
delusions, basic cognitive process one thing is true that isn’t
Going through the emotional highs and lows of affective disorder emotional disorder will greatly affect a person’s ability to operate in daily life. There’s no cure for bipolar disorder, however treatments will facilitate.

Standard treatments, like prescription medications and medical care, will facilitate an individual manage their mood changes and alternative symptoms. Researchers still verify alternative treatment choices likewise, together with medical marijuana. however is it safe? Here’s what we tend to presently understand the professionals and cons of marijuana use in folks with bipolar disorder.

Marijuana as a treatment for alternative health conditions

Marijuana is from the cannabis plant whose dried leaves, stems, and seeds area unit smoke-dried, eaten, or “vaped.” Marijuana contains compounds referred to as cannabinoids. These compounds embody a chemical referred to as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. this is often the ingredient in marijuana that may create an individual feel “high.”

While marijuana and medical marijuana aren’t presently legal all told states, doctors area unit discovering however the compounds may facilitate relieve bound symptoms in folks with chronic conditions. in line with the  National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), compounds in marijuana will facilitate treat symptoms such as:

appetite loss
muscle management problems
Today, there area unit medications obtainable that contain compounds kind of like cannabinoids, however don’t create an individual feel high. AN example is a psychoactive substance (Marinol), that doctors visit for folks with cancer to stimulate their appetence.

Smoking or using marijuana on its own is useful in reducing the facet effects of some conditions, like bound varieties of cancer. However, the analysis isn’t as conclusive once it involves Bipolar disorder.

Research supporting cannabis use in bipolar disorder treatment

Because marijuana will have anxiety-relieving effects, some folks suppose it will facilitate folks with bipolar disorder to enhance their moods. Some analysis has found no harmful effects from marijuana use, whereas alternative analysis has found actual edges. Examples embody the following:

Low mental impairment and higher moods

A study printed in 2016Trusted supply found that individuals with emotional disorder didn’t expertise vital mental impairment once victimization marijuana compared to people with bipolar disorder United Nations agency didn’t use marijuana. Critics of marijuana use for emotional disorder say that it affects a person’s thinking and memory. This study didn’t realize that to be true. The study additionally found that once victimization marijuana, the patients with emotional disorder reported higher moods.

Mood enhancing and a positive outlook

A study printed in 2015 Trusted supply found that marijuana use in some folks with emotional disorder increased their mood and promoted a additional positive outlook. However, the researchers found that folks were additional probably to use marijuana after they were already having a decent day mood-wise and not once their symptoms were additional severe.

It’s vital to stay in mind that the analysis close the helpful effects of marijuana use in emotional disorder is extremely preliminary. Also, marijuana will have an effect on everybody otherwise, thus these results don’t counsel that marijuana will profit everybody with emotional disorder.

Research with negative findings concerning marijuana use in bipolar treatment

Some researchers have truly found that marijuana use will create bipolar symptoms worse in some folks. samples of their studies embody the following:

Triggering wild episodes and worsening symptoms

A review printed in early 2015 found that victimization marijuana may create wild symptoms worse during a person with emotional disorder. They additionally found that marijuana use may trigger a wild episode. additionally, the 2015 studyTrusted supply on top of touting edges to marijuana use, additionally found that it worsened wild or depressive symptoms in some folks.

Higher rates of tried suicide and early onset

According to another study from 2015, suicide try rates in folks with emotional disorder were higher in people who used marijuana than in people who didn’t use marijuana. The study additionally found that folks United Nations agency used marijuana were younger at emotional disorder onset (when their symptoms 1st started) than people who didn’t use it. this is often a priority, as doctors suppose that a younger age at onset of emotional disorder causes worse symptoms throughout a person’s life. The result of marijuana on early onset and suicide rates wasn’t clear but, researchers aforesaid.

While marijuana could facilitate some folks with bipolar disorder, these studies show that it may additionally cause issues for others with the condition.

Cannabis, bipolar disorder, and biological science

Research has additionally shown that the utilization of marijuana will have an effect on folks otherwise supported their biological science.

According to the NIDA, those that carry bound cistron varieties area unit additional probably to expertise mental disease. for example, those that have AN uncommon variation of the AKT1 cistron area unit additional probably to possess mental disease, and therefore the risk is higher if they use marijuana. Also, mental disease risks from adolescent use of marijuana are connected with a cistrontic variation within the gene that controls AN accelerator referred to as catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT).

If you’ve got emotional disorder and area unit considering victimization marijuana as a treatment, talk over with your doctor concerning probably testing for these or alternative genetic variations.

The takeaway

Right now, there isn’t enough analysis to mention whether or not marijuana use for treating emotional disorder could be a sensible issue or a nasty issue. Some folks have reported positive effects, like improved mood. however others have reported negative effects, like worsened mania or self-destructive thoughts. additional analysis is required on marijuana’s effects on emotional disorder, likewise because the long-run effects of prolonged use.

What doctors do understand is that marijuana isn’t as effective as prescription medication and medical care is in managing the symptoms of bipolar disorder. thus if you’ve got this condition, take care to stay to the treatment arrange prescribed by your doctor. And if you’re considering victimization medical marijuana, talk over with your doctor concerning the professionals and cons 1st. Then, if you choose to undertake it, keep your doctor announce concerning however it affects you.

Together, you and your doctor will confirm if it’s a decent addition to your treatment arrange.

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