What is Marijuana?

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what is marijuana

To correctly answer the question, “ What is Marijuana “, we will have to consider ‘what it means to the individual’. Of course, cannabis or marijuana is simply a plant. However, understanding that the word marijuana has many connotations, we must also define the term for the individual.

What is Marijuana – Physically?

what is marijuana
The first thing we’ll be looking at is the literal meaning of the word. Marijuana, or commonly known as cannabis, is a plant that contains cannabinoids. These cannabinoids connect to your cannabinoid receptors in your body.

Cannabis is also considered a “drug” in the sense that the cannabinoids have mind-altering properties. In other words, smoking cannabis will get you high. That is of course if you’re smoking marijuana with THC, there are strains that do not have the psychoactive cannabinoid present, or at a very low dose. This type of marijuana will not get you high.

The marijuana plant comes in two main phenotypes; Indica and Sativa. There is also ruderalis, however, within the modern cannabis market this phenotype isn’t quite popular.

What is Marijuana – To the Patient?

what is marijuana
For people suffering from medical ailments, the marijuana plant is medicine. The cannabinoids provide plenty of medical relief from chronic pain, inflammation, auto-immune diseases and many more.

For the patient, marijuana is their lifeline. It is the thing that helps alleviate their symptoms or in some cases, even eradicates the disease all together.

Marijuana, seeing that it is a plant, also becomes a great medicine that you can grow at home. Thus, for the medical patient marijuana is also “autonomy of self” in relation to their health.

What is Marijuana – To the Recreational User?

what is marijuana
For those who consume marijuana [not for medical purposes] consider marijuana as a recreational substance. For them, it’s about unwinding at the end of the day or finding a little bit of inspiration within a ‘toke’.

To the recreational user, smoking cannabis can also be seen as an act of rebellion to draconian laws aiming to stifle the “freedom of choice”. It is an act of defiance against a policy that aims to police ones behavior.

What is Marijuana – To the Government?

what is marijuana
For the government, marijuana is a drug. It’s a mind-altering substance that produces euphoria. However, for the government marijuana is also an ‘excuse’. It’s an excuse to incarcerate non-violent individuals, seize their property and assert control over the population.

The government disguises their motives within the idea that they are doing it for health reasons, however, the evidence suggests that it’s more of a power grab and exploitation of cheap labor that motivates prohibition.

What is Marijuana – To you?

Finally, depending on where you land on the issue of marijuana, you might have your own interpretation of the plant. Perhaps, you perceive it in the light of a “drug” or within the realm of medicine.

Everybody forms their own opinion; we decided to provide you with established points of view in order to help you form your own opinion. We believe that an informed stoner is a smart stoner!

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