What to do with your Weed Seeds

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weed seeds

Most people who buy premium cannabis do not have weed seeds in their baggies. This is because expert growers know that when you don’t allow the plant to cross-pollinate, you increase the potency. These Sinsemilla strains [literally means without weed seeds] plants are desired within the medical and recreational industries.

Nonetheless, every now and then a female plant will produce seeds depending on many variables. These female-only seeds are 100% feminized, meaning that if you grow them they will always produce female plants. This is good for those wanting to grow at home.

What can you do with weed seeds? 

weed seeds
If you’re unfortunate enough to get a baggy with a lot of weed seeds in it, it’s not the end of the world. Weed Seeds have a lot of uses.

So what can you do?

Eat it!

Cannabis seeds have a lot of protein, essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and many other nutritional benefits. You can grind them up and throw them in your food. While they don’t have a very pronounced taste, the nutritional benefits can’t be denied.

To cook these seeds, you can let them soak in water for about a day or so and then add them to any dish.

Grow it

The next thing you could do with your weed seeds is you could plant it. After all, it is a cannabis plant. Understanding that the cannabis plant stops producing THC when its producing seeds, means that if you were to grow the seed you have, without mixing it with a male plant, you’ll increase the potency of the strain.

Unless the seed is 100% feminized, you will have a 50% chance of getting a female plant. To ensure that you are working with the female plant, you’ll have to grow it. Once the plant gets to a decent size, you’d have to clone it.

To clone it, you simply cut the branch you’d like to clone at a 45º angle and then dip it into a root hormone. Plant the clone in its own starter cap and wait a few days for the roots to develop. Once your clone is strong, you can move it into a flowering chamber. The clone will reveal its sex during this phase.

Protest with it

weed seedsThere is an underground movement within the cannabis community that utilizes guerilla grow tactics. Essentially, they take weed seeds and scatter them all over the world.

Why would they do this?

Cannabis grows quite easily in the wild. If you leave a patch of cannabis unattended for a year, the crop would grow by itself.

Activists take weed seeds and plant them all throughout their cities and towns. They drop a seed in a community garden or a police station as a sign of defiance to a totalitarian policy. While this isn’t the most effective way to use the seeds, it does send a strong message.

The Sticky Bottom-line

Weed Seeds are amazing. You can eat them, plant them or use them as a political message. We hope that this article gave you some insight on how to effectively use your cannabis seeds.

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