What To Put In Your Weed Box

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If you’ve been toking up for a while, odds are you have some place to stash your weed. Most stoners call this their “weed box”. Today, we’re going to be talking about the essentials you’ll want to put into your own weed box.

But first of all…

What’s a Weed Box? 

weed box
A weed box is a storage unit where you keep your smoking essentials. This includes everything from the smokeables to the devices. It’s a neat crafty little space where you can store all your weed related items to keep it in one place.

People have different types of weed boxes. Some prefer a metal box, other wood. Depending on what you have, the space you have to work with, you can fit a whole plethora of things in your weed box.

What to put in your Weed box

weed box
Depending on the space available, you’ll need to calculate what can fit within your weed box. For instance, in a space the size of a shoe-box you can fit a whole lot of things in there.

Here’s the essentials:

  • Weed
  • Rolling Papers
  • Lighter
  • Hemp Wick
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Pipe
  • Filter
  • Screens
  • Some long-pointy [a long/thin piece of metal to unclog hard to reach places]
  • Wax, Hash or any edible that won’t go off
  • Roller
  • Sploof

All of these items would easily fit into a shoebox sized weed box.

What’s the benefits of having a weed box?

weed box
Let’s face it, stoners can be forgetful. How many times have you spent hours looking for a specific smoking-related utensil only to find it hidden in some jacket pocket?

This is the story of every stoner. A cannabis box solves this problem. It provides some clear organizational structure to allow you to keep everything in the same spot.

This way, as long as you respect the dynamics of the stoner box, you’ll always know where your things are.

Furthermore, a reefer box is easy to hide. You can place it in some closet or hide it away in some cabinet. This way, when you have people over that aren’t necessarily “weed friendly”, you won’t have to scurry around looking to see if you forgot to hide a pipe or something similar.

Having some organization is key for every stoner. Not only will you spend less money, not having to replace things you lose, you’ll save time as well.

Last Thoughts

A ganja box is an integral part of every stoner’s journey. Think of it as your little treasure chest of goodies. If you don’t have your own weed box, I highly recommend you start making it.

Besides, if it’s the end of the world and zombies are roaming the streets, you’d want to have a portable weed box with you to get through those stressful nights.

All joking aside, the weed box is a stoner’s best friend. We’d love to know what you have in your ganja storage unit, so why not drop us a comment on our Facebook page and we’d love to add that into this article!

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