Why is Marijuana Illegal?

why is marijuana illegal

Perhaps you just experienced your first marijuana high and are wondering, “ Why is Marijuana Illegal “? After all, the negative hype surrounding the plant simply didn’t live up to the muster.

Today, we’ll be going over a number of reasons why marijuana is illegal. The topic is vast, so it’s important to take our time and fully understand every reason intimately.

Hopefully, at the end of this article you’ll be convinced that marijuana prohibition is a crime against humanity.

Why is Marijuana Illegal? – Control

why is marijuana illegal, nixon
One of the main reasons why cannabis is illegal is because the government wishes to maintain a certain amount of control over the population. While marijuana was made ‘illegal’ in 1937 in the US, the truth of the matter it didn’t become a controlled substance until 1970.

The Controlled Substance Act (CSA), was signed by Nixon and marijuana was added to the list after he was recommended to decriminalize it.

Why did Nixon ignore his advisers? Because during his administration he faced two major problems; Vietnam War Protests and of course Watergate.

Nixon noticed that both the Hippies and “the blacks” [as he called them] smoked weed. Seeing that it’s completely legal for peaceful protests in the U.S, he needed an excuse to use the police force to quell the protests.

Thus, he placed cannabis on the list with the CSA, which granted him legal rights to persecute the African American community as well as Anti-War Protesters.

It was all about control!

Why is Marijuana Illegal? – The Money

why is marijuana illegal, asset forfeiture
The illegal drug trade is a multi-billion dollar per year industry. With cannabis illegal, that means there are billions of un-taxed dollars floating around.

Law enforcement has something called “asset forfeiture” meaning that your property can be taken if you’re found dealing with any drugs.

You don’t even have to be dealing yourself, your property can be taken away if “illegal activities occurred on the premises”.

Apart from this, the money will also need to be laundered and as we have learned from HSBC and Bank of America, they don’t mind taking the illegal money and washing it for criminals.

This is all un-taxed money that goes into the pockets of a handful of individuals. Furthermore, the government is also creates an incentive to maintain prohibition because every time they “bust” a criminal, they get to keep his goods.

This despite the fact that an airplane containing 4 tons of cocaine from the Sinaloa Cartel, was owned by the CIA…we understand that the government is just as invested in illegal drug trade as criminals.

Why is Marijuana Illegal – Mind Control

why is marijuana illegal, MK Ultra
In the 1960s, the CIA conducted mind Control experiments known as MK-Ultra. With these experiments, they looked at various substances, which could aid them in controlling an individual’s will.

After conducting tests on cannabis, they concluded that marijuana acts more like an inoculan to mind control. People are less likely to be brainwashed when smoking weed because weed makes you question everything.

Thus, maintaining the illegality of cannabis allows them to continue to conduct their mind games on the rest of the population without significant resistance.

Final Words

Marijuana is illegal for a number of reasons; none of them are actually valid. Rather, the prohibition of marijuana is a direct violation of your human rights. Under this policy, you DO NOT possess the freedom of choice. Your body DOES NOT belong to you. The government ‘allows’ you to put certain substance in your body, however, you don’t really have a choice on which ones.

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